Our regular residential rates are $34.00 / hour.
The average 3 bedroom house can be cleaned for $102.00 + (hst)

Commercial rates are $38.00 / hour.
Most of our bars and restaurants are cleaned for $60.00 / night.

Carpet Cleaning starts at $60.00.
Most houses can be cleaned for about $160.00
Would include 3 rooms, 1 hallway and 1 flight of stairs.

Additional room deodorizers, anti-bacterial, anti-mould-quaternary hospital grade products can be added at additional cost.  They are location and site specific.

We also specialize in the removal of bio-logical, pet odour and pet urine remediation.

Stripping, sealing and  waxing floors commercial rates are $0.12 per square foot, jobs are priced only on-site.

Pressure washing and graffiti removal starts at $60.00 / hour.

Call us for a free quote on your upcoming work.


To place an order:
Email: info@mjmcleaning.ca
Call: 613.862.4911

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MJM Cleaning
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